Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Ruby's Baby

Luke asked if he'd be there when the baby was born, and I said no, he'd be at the Runkels and he is going to come visit after the baby is born. He said, "Well I will get to see a baby be born. I'll see Ruby's baby be born." Since Ruby's mom is pregnant, and due right after me and having a home birth, I figured Ruby would be there for the birth and maybe she had mentioned it to Luke." I said, "Oh, did Ruby invite you to he baby brother or sister's birth?"

He said, "NO! Ruby and I are getting MARRIED. And I will BE THERE when OUR baby is born."

So many pictures

I asked Luke if he thought he might like to hold the baby and sit on Santa's lap. (Already trying to figure out this year's Christmas card.) And he said sure. And, "If I am holding the baby on Santa's lap, they will want to take so many pictures of us." Like, "I know how cute I am, imagine how cute I'll be holding a baby."

Sunday, October 21, 2007


We played dobbyhead today. To play, you get out the sorry board, and put the hot wheels shooter thing in the middle. One person gets two hot wheels to move around the sorry board. That person draws cards and attempts to make it around the board. That person is me. The other person, Luke, Tries to use the various hot wheels shooter mechanisms to shoot your car off the board.

We also played LEGOS and I was starting to worry that the only thing we do with the LEGOS is to follow the instructions to build something that LEGOS designed for you. And that there was no imagination and no creativity. I felt a little panicky about it. So I said, "Hey, why don't we build something on our own, without the constructions? (aka instructions.) I built a house. (Boring.) Luke took the helicopter and the person we built and added another person and created a mom and a baby that could fly on a helicopter and had wings and could be super heroes. I quit worrying about creativity for the rest of the night. (his at least.)
Today Luke said, "Why does it feel good to tell the truth?"
This may have been prompted by the fact that I mentioned it's important to tell the truth after he said it wasn't cold outside, when in fact we received our first snowfall today.

We talked about the conscience and how doing the right thing feels good and doing the wrong thing feels bad, and how that helps you know right from wrong.

Then he got sort of sad and said, "Whenever I hurt someone accidentally, then I cry."

I told him that that is because it's wrong to hurt people, and he feels bad even thought he didn't do it n purpose, and that is how he know he is a good person. That seemed to help.