Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Two Months Tighter

Remember this? Well, last week, there was a note that Jack claimed his pants felt too tight, so they put him in some daycare "pants."
From December2009 1

Yeah, these aren't pants! And they were too small 2 months ago! Maybe his diaper is too tight? These "pants" have a big hole in the bottom too. I think I might patch it with a spare camouflage patch that I have. If Jack is going to keep getting sent home in floral leggings, at least I can boy them up a little.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Blog Business

True Confessions: One of the reasons I have been sort of lame about blogging is that I have over 1000 pictures on my camera, and it takes picassa 2000 years to see them all, and then the ones I want are sort of tiny and down really low behind a wall and I can't see them. Wow, in the time it took to type that, I probably could have gone down to the mac, downloaded all the pics and then deleted them off the camera. And I really need to do that before Christmas anyway. Just this evening, Jack was being really cute at the dinner table, and I thought, a video of this would be so cute, and I would treasure it forever. Without a video, how will I remember his sweet 2 year old voice? How will I remember the tilt to his head, and the way he raises his eyebrows when he asks a question to which he already knows the answer? How will I capture the true joy in Luke's laugh when Jack is cracking him up? But the camera, is alllll the way over therrrrrrre. And I'll never get a chance to download the video...

Then I had the same thought right before bedtime when Jack was crawling around, pretending to be a dog. He was a very frisky, barking dog. His bark sounded exactly like this, "Bark! Bark!"

To Do:
Deal with camera
Fix Christmas music playlist (delete all songs from Disney classic.)
Catch up on a bazillion things I need to post

Also - I am toying with the idea of changing the layout here. So don't be surprised if that happens. AND! I updated the list of books read for 2009. I am sort of in the middle of two, so maybe the list will grow by the end of the year. And I didn't put comments on the books this year but I feel the need to give Her Fearful Symmetry 2 thumbs down.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Like Father, Like Son

Well - I've been in a frenzy lately, with no time to blog, and when I do thinking about blogging, I want to blog about all the cool things I have been making. But then, if Cindy, Anthony, Rose, or Hope read my blog, the surprise will be ruined! You know who doesn't read my blog? Ruby. And that is her birthday present up there, above. It's a journal. With my new "Good enough" policy, it took about 20 minutes to make, with supplies we had in the house. It could be better, if by better, I mean, awesome in my mind, but never existing in reality.

In addition to the gifts I can't mention above, we made a bunch of cookies, but those deserve their own post. And the boys made wrapping paper. In fact, when I had Luke pick out the paper for Ruby's book, he said, "YOU SAID we didn't HAVE any WRAPPING PAPER!" (He may not have been as enthusiastic about the wrapping paper project as I was.) But I said, "This isn't wrapping paper!!! This is my special book making paper!!!"

But the whole point of this post, is that I have to record something Luke said today.

Luke: Daddy and I are a lot alike. Because he doesn't crash a lot. But when he does it's... it's... it's huge.
Megan: Spectacular?
Luke: Daddy has huge crashes. And it takes me a long time to think of an idea. But when I do, it's really good. See how we are similar?

Ideas for future posts:
Wrapping Paper
United Airlines
Still need to get to:
Thanksgiving recipes

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Things That Backfire

I do not recommend the following:

Discussing potential chocolate for potty training bribes in front of your 2 year old...

... Unless you want to see a 2 year old clutch his stomach, and yell, "I hungry! Chocolate!" while he rolls around on the floor.

Even considering potty training your 2 year old...

.... Unless you want to hear, "Mommy! I poo poo potty!" in the middle of the night.

Trying to distract your starving 2 year old while you cook dinner, by putting him in his high chair and telling him to play with play doh...

... Unless you want to hear, "Mmm. Gum." and "I hungry! Play doh!" for days.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Week of the Cookie

The school bake sale includes boxes of cookies... 4 types of boxes times 4 types of cookies per box times 6 of each cookie type times 85 boxes = 16 different types of cookies, 2040 cookies total. Behold what we hope is at least 240 of them:

Yesterday was baking day, today: decorating. Tomorrow everything gets boxed up, and Thursday is the sale. I am acting like I have a lot to do with this, but I am only doing a tiny part. My awesome neighbor is in charge and we decorated at her house this evening.

Saturday is my annual cooking baking extravaganza, I hope I am not burned out by then.

Monday, December 7, 2009

It's Almost Midnight... Do You Know Where MetaMegan is?

I am about 5 dozen cookies into my contribution for the bake sale. Because I didn't start until after 10:00 P.M. Because I was working and watching The Wire.

We Might Have a Slight Problem With Squirrels

We didn't get a very good yield out of our garden this year, and I usually blame skunks and squirrels. I assume that it would be annoying if there was an animal eating our produce, but I wouldn't know, because the animals in our yard eat all the leaves and flowers and we end up with nothing. Sometimes they even eat the plastic tag that says what variety of zucchini we planted.

So I have to admit, I wondered what was going to happen with our new bird feeder. I was pretty excited about our early Christmas present, because I thought it would be nice to watch the birds while I eat breakfast. But I just had this weird feeling that the squirrels would somehow get involved. The bird feeder actually looks pretty squirrel proof, but the suet is another matter. Well. I should say the suet was another matter. It lasted about an hour after a certain squirrel discovered it. This squirrel should have absolutely no problem making it through the winter.

Note that the squirrel looks like that before it even made a dent in the suet.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

We'll Take Great Care of Your Kids, I Promise!

But we might draw eyes on their necks and take silly pictures.

Yes, this could happen to your kids if you go out of town and your kids spend the night at Casa de MetaMegan.

But I promise to scrub your kid's neck with a brillo pad, if that's what it takes, so they don't show up at school with lipstick and marker everywhere. Because I take my job as a surrogate parent very seriously.