Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Week of the Cookie

The school bake sale includes boxes of cookies... 4 types of boxes times 4 types of cookies per box times 6 of each cookie type times 85 boxes = 16 different types of cookies, 2040 cookies total. Behold what we hope is at least 240 of them:

Yesterday was baking day, today: decorating. Tomorrow everything gets boxed up, and Thursday is the sale. I am acting like I have a lot to do with this, but I am only doing a tiny part. My awesome neighbor is in charge and we decorated at her house this evening.

Saturday is my annual cooking baking extravaganza, I hope I am not burned out by then.


molly said...

Very Impressive. Hope you save some for our visit!

John said...

I assume that big bottle of wine helped.

Family of Weebles said...

Is that a bottle of wine in the middle of all those cookies?