Sunday, November 8, 2009


Note the time. I had already been up for 2 hours when I took this picture. I started to shut down databases and applications, and I watched the scripts run on part of my screen, while on the other part, I watched Weeds while I pedaled my exercise bike. I had the pancake mix almost totally ready to go on the griddle before the boys woke up at 6:45. I was feeling pretty good about things until my big stack of pancakes fell over and I realized it was going to be a really long day.

Dave was not yet awake when I took this picture, but I can't complain because he did some serious yard work today.


Laura M said...

damn, you can make something like that without a mix?

Meta Megan said...

Laura - expect my homemade pancake mix for Christmas!

Family of Weebles said...

Very cute. I have some cute pictures of Curtis playing in a pile of leaves last weekend!