Saturday, June 7, 2008

Sitting Up!

I haven't posted Jack's stats from his 6 month appointment because I lost track of the sheet of paper from the Dr's office. They said 10% for weight (15 something pounds?) and 50% for height (some amount of unknown inches).

But as you can see, he is sitting up like a big boy these days! I have to do a lot of hovering and propping, but he is doing well. All this new sitting up and growing interest in the world around him have made nursing quite a challenge. I can see why 6 months is a common time to give up on the whole process. Hmm, is it possible that Jack now prefers to nurse a lot in the middle of the night because he is too distracted during the day? Hopefully his 11 hours of sleep on Wednesday night will become more common then the 2 hour stretches we got last night. ZZZZzzzz. Can't keep typing... falling asssllllleeeeeep.

P.S. Luke got his summer haircut


molly said...

I adore the picture of the boys together!
Love, Grandma

Beth said...

Oh my gosh they are so so so cute together! Its breath-taking. Luke looks like he's ready to share all of his boy secrets with his baby brother.

dave said...

Breathtaking... wasn't there a Seinfeld episode related to a baby bieng described as breathtaking? What are you trying to say beth?

Meta Megan said...

Elaine: Some night, huh?
Ben: Yeah, I wish I had my telescope.
Elaine: Some dinner, huh?
Ben: Nothing like fresh caught lobster.
Elaine: Some house, huh?
Ben: It was built by Mark Farman.
Elaine: Some ugly baby, huh?
Ben: What did you say?
Elaine: I said, uh, some snuggly baby.
Ben: He is something.
Elaine: Well, to tell you the truth, Dr. Feffa, I , I was surprised to hear you use a word like breathtaking to describe a baby, I mean, because you also used it referring to me.
Ben: Well, you know Elaine, sometimes you say things just to be nice.