Sunday, November 16, 2008

Birthday Bash

To quote one of the party guests, "Wow! The cakes look good. Last time you made these we couldn't even tell what they were!"

From Jack's birthday

Did the birthday boy enjoy his cake?

From Jack's birthday

Yes, he did.

From Jack's birthday

Right up until we had to hit the eye wash station:

From Jack's birthday

I think the rest of the guests enjoyed their cake too:

From Jack's birthday

And it certainly didn't make anyone go crazy from too much sugar:

From Jack's birthday

Coming tomorrow - present pictures!


Bill and Cindy said...

Oh, they really look like cars this time...good job!

molly said...

Great idea letting the kids decorate! They really do look like cars. COngrats for trying again.

Laura M said...

Jack looks like a little boy now. Those pizzas look delish. mmmm