Monday, February 2, 2009

See You in Hell, January

As a January birthday girl, I have always felt a begrudging sense of loyalty to that sometimes miserable month. But let's see, what have I accomplished this month?

1.) 4 snowboarding days - OK - that's pretty good
2.) Biked to work once - was passed going up hill by a recumbent tricyclist
3.) Worked out 4 times - I may be rounding up
4.) Wrote 12 blog posts - lame
5.) Finished 0 books - really lame
6.) Watched many hours of TV
7.) Whined about month long sinus infection

But it's February! I have been outside every day this month. And aside from the gale force winds that I had to pedal into on my way home from work, I would say things are looking up!

Don't let Punxsutawney Phil get you down, according to one of Luke's teachers, "groundhog day is just silly."


dave said...

you don't have a janurary friend like the rest of your family? Thats what your problem must be.

Anonymous said...

We've had snow or freezing rain in 50 of the last 56 days. The snow is up to LeBron's waist, the windchill is arctic and the sun is only a rumor anymore.... Indeed in January, hell froze over.... And now it's February. Same stuff, different day. My January friend is Johnny Walker.

molly said...

White wine and Whining...