Thursday, June 18, 2009

Yes Ma'am

Luke is a very busy boy this summer. His camp packs more fun into a week then I could probably provide all summer. And in addition to a daily (awesome) field trip, he also has two swimming lessons a week and a soccer practice and a game. And we bike to camp almost every day, and that bike ride is 1.5 miles straight up hill. It's serious. The first time we did it, I allocated 20 minutes for the 1.5 miles up hill and 20 minutes for the 6 miles downhill to work. I was sad when we got to camp 35 minutes later after much crying and gnashing of teeth and pulling of hair. (But I made it to work in 18 minutes!) The next day I brought a water bottle and a fruit twist for Luke to eat if we got to the top with out any complaining. We got there in 20 minutes with no stopping. Since then, I have forgotten the snack twice and we have had some complaining here and there.

Here is an excerpt from our conversation on the way there yesterday:
Luke: (After going really fast for a while) I need to stop and push my bike.
Me: Well, what you need to do is focus on pacing yourself. Pacing yourself means regulating the speed at which you are traveling, so you find a speed that you can keep up for a long period of
Megan: You know, when I am talking, and you already know what I am saying, a polite way to respond is "Yes Ma'am." That way you communicate to me that you know what I am saying, and you get me to stop talking. But you do in a way that makes me think you are polite and then we are both happy.
Luke: (Silence)
**Time Passes**
Luke: This hill is really hard.
Me: When I have a bike ride that I do a lot that I find challenging, I like to break it up into sections in my mind. Then I can feel a sense of accomplishment after each section. For instance, I'd break this ride into 4 sections, one for each hill. The first section would start at our house and end
Luke: Yes Ma'am.

And then, interestingly, we had this conversation at dinner tonight:

Luke: Why do people get divorced?
Me: Some people are much happier when they live apart.
Luke: But you and Daddy aren't going to get divorced?
Me: No
Dave: No, I would never be able to find anything if I couldn't ask your mother where it is.
Me: Daddy and I love each other very much and we
Luke: Yes Ma'am.


Family of Weebles said...

I'm still stuck on the babies and death questions. Haven't gotten to divorce yet. Curtis saw a little clip of the Caylee Anthony case on tv this morning and asked me if little kids die. UGH!

Beth said...

yes ma'am! hahahaha! Although we've had the death question here a ton, thanks to Disney always killing off the moms. Thanks Disney!

Anonymous said...

OMG Megan - that is SO FUNNY! It totally reminds me of our house. I love it!

Anonymous said...

That anonymous was me, Ellie.

Laura M said...

why is nobody commenting on Luke's Marine's style commute to camp? ; )