Thursday, August 27, 2009

Are You There God? It.'s Me, MetaMegan

I am not going to horrify my tens of readers by going into details here, about what happened at work today. I am going to speak in code:

Horrifying: White Pants
Life saver: Cardigan Sweater.

Also, I am 12.

That is all.


Family of Weebles said...

Sorry to hear about your little mishap. I refuse to wear white pants. Do not own a pair! Actually, I don't wear white shirts either because I spill something on me almost everyday. And I love that book. Read it when I was young, then again when I was an adult just because I loved it.

Beth said...

oh no!

molly said...

Sounds more like Megan and the terrible, horrible, no good rotten day! Sorry..

Laura M said...

was there also a long uphill bike ride home?
dude, pick up your phone and call me when this happens to you.