Saturday, August 8, 2009

Comment Contest Winnder Announced!

Last year I had a cute picture of all the comments before we drew a name out of the hat. But this year that was impossible as I am 90% unpacked from our trip last week and 10% packed for the trip we are taking this afternoon. Long story short, the camera is missing, and even if I had it, I couldn't take a picture of the process because my name picker, Luke, is for some unknown reason, not wearing any clothes.

But without further ado...

Family of Weebles! You are the winner! I wasn't too surprised because I think they had the most comments over all. I will be purchasing a souvenir for you in Yellowstone next week and I'll mail it when we get back!


In other news I had planned to have a bunch of new posts appear while we are out of town, but that looks unlikely at this point. However, I have agreed to be on call, and if I find myself working with a geyser in the background, I'll be sure to share that.

Hopefully I will be more of a consistent blogger soon. Did I mention I'll be sleeping in the van with my family for the next 8 days? I should come back with some good material.


Family of Weebles said...

Yay!! I just knew it! I can't wait to see what my prize is!

Meta Megan said...

I've been shopping at rest stops and I am currently torn between kitsch and something. I have seen some great kitcsh.