Sunday, July 11, 2010

Rootin' And Tootin'

As promised (by Dave), I took Jack to Chuck E Cheese this morning to celebrate his lone poop on the potty. While we were out, we made visits to the bathrooms at both Chuck E Cheese and Costco. He peed and CEC, but just sat there at Costco. Well, he sat there cheering. Loudly. Jack was wearing a retro Broncos tee-shirt (with the old school blue and orange colors), which he happened to notice while he was sitting on the pot gazing downwards. This caused him to cheer, "Go BRONCOS!" And once he gets in a cheering mood, there is no stopping him.


AND so on.

Props to Grandad for the title of this post, which evolved over dinner as I shared the story.


Beth said...

Yaaayyyyy Jack! Go, Jack, go! Did he like Chuck E Cheese? Ever since I mentioned that Jack got to go the kids have been begging to go. Rose will say, 'I pooped on the potty, can we go to Chuck E Cheese?"

Laura M said...

kind of hard to win the commenting contest when I got nothin' for 7 days to comment on. Come on!

Family of Weebles said...

I know I posted a comment on this, but it obviously disappeared or something.