Monday, March 28, 2011

Reach For The Sky!

Before we went on vacation, we had been watching a lot of Toy Story 3. And by that I mean, I think I (we) watched it 3 times in 2 days. Jack was horribly ill with cough that sometimes made him throw up, and there was a lot of snuggling and TV watching going on. I cried the first time, but managed to hold it together during the ending the last 2 times I watched it.

Long intro to say, that I just realized I watched a lot of TV as a child. And by, "just realized" I mean, "I have always known". There were a lot of movies that we had on tape, once I was in high school and we had a VCR. So that explains why I know all the words to some random movies that we happened to record. But why, (really, why??) would I have an episode of Laverne and Shirley memorized? I am sure we didn't have it on tape? But I know it was something that I used to quote all the time with my brother and sister. (Even though, in my preliminary blog post research today, they both had no idea what I was talking about.)

Short story long, when Jack started quoting Woody, of Toy Story 3 fame, by saying, "Reach for the sky!" I couldn't stop myself from saying, "You wouldn't dare....!"

I tried to get Dave to help me remember the origin of that famous quote, but he ignored me. I was able to place the quote into a Laverne and Shirley episode, and when I googled "Laverne and Shirley Reach for the Sky" I came up with the following.

I probably saw this episode when? 25 years ago? And it stuck in my head for what reason? I'll tell, you. It's comic gold. I can even remember being disappointed that when the cousin says, "You wouldn't dare" he doesn't say it with the right inflection. But now, 25 years later, I think it's perfect. And the best part is, when I showed it to the boys, they laughed and laughed. And now whenever one of them says, "Reach for the sky," I know the other will answer with "You wouldn't dare."


Laura M said...

I can't believe Laverne and Shirley got high. And I can't believe I watched that whole thing. How did you ever find that? I have one part of School of Rock I want you to dig up for me: when Joan Cusak is explaining 'I used to be fun, I didn't use to be this uptight --- etc etc'. I can't find it in 20 clicks.

jack said...

I certainly remember two young'uns who quoted unceasingly, the conversation between Woody and Diane (Boris and Natasha) in Love and Death.

jack said...

Has anyone else noted that the time clock on this thing is off by 4 hours?? What the ....??